Our company has 30 years into business devoted to the construction and montage of industrial installations.
Our scope is all kinds of metallurgic works, including the stages of design, manufacture and installation.
We work with important industries all around the country contributing with capacity and experience to all the undertaking projects.

Our History

The history of MBM starts with a family of welders in the city of Baradero , at the beginning of the 70's. It was there where the Buena Maison brothers Carlos, Mario, Miguel and Enrique together with their father acquired a nurtured experience in the field. Together they developed a vision in their business.

By the mid 70's, they achieved a deal with a local company that transported cereals to work in the construction and maintenance of trailer trucks.

That fact gave them the chance to incorporate more workers to the company and led to the transformation of the physiognomy of that family of welders.

As time went by, the company expanded its field of services for big companies, such as Atanor, the current �Productos de Maiz�, and an important producer of acrylic fibers.

On the other hand, during those years, they started building the warehouse where the company is actually located.

These installations were enlarged by phases, and actually they grew two new sectors, summarizing a covered space of 1200 m2 roughly.

We are a flexible company that is capable of responding to the demands of the food, textile, chemical and paper industries, among others.

We assume the constant update of our technological resources as a policy, because we believe that in this way we are able to improve the delivery deadlines as well as the finish and quality of our work even further.

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